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Farhana Akhter

Welcome to the online art gallery of Farhana Akhter

Gesture 5, mixed media on paper, 20"x15"

The images on this site came about as a result of my explorations in fusing the external world with inner self. We experience constant change all around us and within us. As a result we are moved to react, interact and ultimately inspired to create. I believe that this transformation is in itself a creative process which is evident in all aspect of life.  This complex process can be seen in the changing seasons, moods, emotions, relationships tying into the cycle of life.

These paintings convey stages of motion, fusion and stillness which represent our interactions with the external world in action, reaction and contemplation.  Contrasting colors are applied with subtle blends, dramatic cuts and slashes. The canvases are at times monochromatic or heavily textured with multiple layers of color. These images represent the universal struggle to create balance and to transform chaos into harmony and beauty. 
                                      - Farhana Akhter


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