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About the Artist




     Farhana Akhter was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She migrated to the United States with her family at the age of ten.  Since then, she has traveled extensively around the world including various European countries, Morocco, Egypt and visits to her homeland. She currently lives and works in New York City.

    Her body of work is an eclectic mixture of techniques and diverse subject matter.  Among her most recent work are series of abstract paintings in which she explores color, texture and application techniques to convey the stages of motion, fusion and stillness to represent interactions with the inner and external world and cyclic phases of nature and life.  She constantly experiments with mixed media added to oil and acrylic color base. Her color palette reflects the rich and vibrant hues influenced by her native land and culture.
      In her recent work, she combined cold wax with oil on canvas.  She also uses texture paste mixed and applied with found objects for her acrylic on canvas paintings. The found objects incorporated in to the paintings, are symbolic of the transformative process, which combine organic elements such as moss, dried flowers, rice, lentil, with inorganic materials such as plastic, glass and metal.

      In her earlier work, she has a series of paintings that are neo-symbolic and figurative which deal with existence and human interactions. She also has several paintings dedicated to nostalgic memories from her childhood and experience in Bangladesh. 

       She has had numerous exhibitions in New York City, Washington DC area and Winnipeg, Canada .  Her work has been reviewed several times by Studio & Gallery magazine. The artist’s work is in various collections throughout the United States. She has also curated exhibitions at the Broadway Mall Gallery in New York City. 
       Her course of study at the University of Maryland was Psychology and Arts & Humanities. 


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